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Free Market Analysis Chino Hills

When I complete a free market analysis in Chino Hills, I’ll be able to give you an accurate value to your home. With that, I can generate an appealing listing for your home that I’ll place on the MLS, as well as digital and print media. When it’s selling time, you don’t want your home going unnoticed, sitting on the market forever. I want your home to stand out above the others and incite buyer interest!

Your listing is essential to your sale. So, if you go the route of choosing a formal appraiser or getting a price estimate from an online value generator, you won’t have the listing assistance you need. You’ll still wind up coming to me in the end anyway. And I’ll go above and beyond for you once I’m in your corner. You’ll get every possible advantage to have the edge over other sellers and during negotiations.

Your free market analysis in Chino Hills awaits, courtesy of your valuation guide! I’m REALTOR® Anthony Solomon, and I believe that choosing an expert with local area and market knowledge, experience, skills, and resources is essential when trying to sell your home. I have a keen understanding of buyer interests and behavior, and I know how to use your listing to appeal to them.

But getting a competitive listing begins with your CMA, wherein I inspect your home’s age, rooms, space, condition, size, and more. I’ll then compare it to similar homes that have sold recently, can’t seem to sell, expired listings, and how long those homes have been on the market. I cover every base and leave no stone unturned to ensure an accurate home value. Tell me more about your selling plans and call me today.

Why it’s essential to get a free market analysis: https://assetrover.com/blog/comparative-market-analysis-need-one/

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