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Buying among the short sales in Chino Hills can give you excellent investment opportunities any way that you see it. But because it can be a lengthy process, I’ll help you prepare for a long waiting period. I’m REALTOR® Anthony Solomon, and I’m an expert in this niche market. I’ve got the experience, dedication, and local area expertise to produce exceptional results for you and help you obtain a high return on your investment!

There are currently several listings available for these pre-foreclosures. But you should know that the market often fluctuates, and availability can change. The sort sale dynamic typically involves a combination of market stability, lenders, and homeowners. Investing in a pre-foreclosure can be a brilliant financial move for you. So, I’ll keep your interests at heart when you entrust us to be in your corner.

The market for short sales in Chino Hills could present an ideal situation for both you and the homeowner instead of dealing with a foreclosed property. But buying one as a bargain isn’t always guaranteed, as it’s up to the lender, not the homeowner, to approve a contract and incur all closing costs. You might, however, get a pre-foreclosure at retail value, if not slightly cheaper. And I can discuss your options.

Technically, a short sale is a home in pre-foreclosure status. If a homeowner fails to make payments, the lender moves to repossess it. But if the owner suspects that might happen, they’ll go to the lender and ask for a short sale instead while attempting to find a way to keep their home and make the payments. If a lender agrees, they’ll put the house on the market for less than the loan’s value. For more information, call me today.

Advantages of buying short sales: https://www.thebalance.com/the-upside-to-buying-a-short-sale-1799202

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